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aluminum furniture with high-quality aluminum alloy material, the surface after anti-oxidation, chrome, rust, moisture and other processes, and then use thermal transfer, fluorocarbon paint, color plating, high temperature hot cover, directional corrosion, computer carving advanced process, the products produced by the rugged, bright colors, first-class texture, in various forms. at present the basic color of home to a variety of noble wood color, ivory white, beige, green and the main. today, a large number of large-scale construction of large-scale buildings such as airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, high-level shopping malls, urban landmarks and so on all the use of aluminum alloy materials for indoor and outdoor decoration, aluminum alloy to these the building is covered with high, large, and overcoat. this is the aluminum as a decoration of home materials in the modern technology of cuihua under the distribution of the charming charm!
      aluminum materials into the home market is not a fresh topic, but the traditional aluminum material basically stay in the original monotonous color and cold texture, so has been through, did not complete the gorgeous turn. since many new technologies, new technology innovation, i developed and integrated a number of the current international leading technology, developed a landmark aluminum home. many new products and new concepts are refreshing!
      features one: material to decide everything, spike furniture market mainstream material!
      the biggest feature of aluminum furniture is undoubtedly green. at present, the main furniture on the market for the density board, particle board, solid wood composite sheet, although the price difference, but consumers can not really distinguish the merits of the material, whether it is really environmentally friendly, value for money? those harmful chemical raw materials such as formaldehyde, benzene and other invisible, touch, and time for a long time or met the resurgence of the weather there will be moisture absorption, deformation, peng rose, moldy risk. and aluminum alloy furniture is reusable, even if eliminated, the value of recycling is also the highest of all building materials, so aluminum furniture will not waste on the social environment and destruction of the ecological environment; and there will be no general furniture, formaldehyde, benzene and other pollution exceeded the standard; and aluminum solid, durable, never rust; not only that, all aluminum furniture also has fire, moisture, mildew, anti-termite function.
      features two: home products flexible and diverse, from smallpox to the floor, she is everywhere!
      aluminum alloy and other metal furniture in the production process using a better strength of sheet metal and profiles, after a series of stamping, bending, sculpture, molding and other process processing, to meet many aspects of functional requirements. from the ceiling on the integrated ceiling to the back wall of the tv; from the entrance of the shoe cabinet entrance to the room wardrobe dresser; from the kitchen table cabinet to the study of the book cabinet wine cabinet. home inside and outside are able to use aluminum to make noble body of furniture products. more valuable is the style of changeable, ren jun think! you can choose the european romantic style, you can also choose the chinese classical charm, you can also choose to highlight the personality of self-customization.
      features three: advanced surface treatment process, subvert the traditional concept, as you think!
      at present the basic color of home to a variety of noble wood color, ivory white, beige, green and the main. many people think that aluminum alloy is metal, the use will be cold, which is the characteristics of aluminum, aluminum home aluminum surface is made of modern process, we see the surface of colorful wood grain, pattern and color, in addition to aesthetics, there is an important role, that is, through the surface treatment does not allow aluminum directly contact with the outside world, make up the aluminum alloy itself cold, hard, ice shortcomings, so that aluminum alloy furniture, the texture and effect of high quality wooden furniture. surface heat-covered process of aluminum home, the surface does not condensation, texture, three-dimensional realistic, will not produce metal noise, the perfect solution to the aluminum home in the actual use of the problem. and because of thermal transfer, the surface heat-covered, fluorocarbon paint, surface color printing, directional corrosion and other advanced technology applications, more perfect for personalized custom provides unlimited imagination of art, to the aluminum furniture put on the high-end atmosphere coat, into the leading high-end fashion the forefront of furniture!
      features four: refused to mass production, to your love home to leave the custom space
      the current home products, are basically modular, mass production, product design is fixed, the customer is often passive to choose to adapt and purchase. often limited to space and style with the purchase of household products in the cut enough, for their own love and personality reluctantly parting. and we are currently doing the product, all one-on-one, face to face, the designer personally to the scene measurement, by the customers and designers to participate in the design, finalize the style, and then make three-dimensional renderings, satisfactory results, to produce and install, although the time spent to buy longer than the mall, but for the love home fitted with their own personality and philosophy. we believe that the future development of household products era, will be a service and quality of the times! the future of household products must be affixed to the personalized, customized and intelligent original label. we are the leader and innovator of this era!