Monday, 22 January 2018

“If your husband likes a sex doll, buy him one” – Actress Seyi Hunter

“If your husband likes a sex doll, buy him one” - Actress Seyi Hunter lailasnews

Nollywood actress, Seyi Hunter, has weighed in on the ongoing controversy sparked by sex dolls across social media. In an interview with TheNewsGuru, Seyi Hunter had this to say about the sex doll debate;

I encourage people to use intimacy gadgets cause it makes us discover our body, all our pleasure areas and our center of gravity. It should also be used when you’re Hot and your partner isn’t available. So there is no difference between a intimacy gadget and a sex doll. Personally I believe a sex doll is not a threat but a welcome option when the real deal is not available or accessible. Some people have their fetish and a sex doll might be it.”
“If their husbands like the sex doll and cannot afford it, they better encourage him to buy it, so he’ll be home more. A sex doll can’t get pregnant or give infection. You all can take a break from all the side chicks. In fact if you think your man likes it, buy it for him”. Recall that Nigerian superstar singer, Wizkid, who first reacted to the sex doll controversy, tweeted;
Bazy say the people wey make sex doll… Be like dem no know how much olosho be for street.
Recall also that few weeks ago, there was a viral report that MALE sex robots with bionic penises will be rolled out this year, according to the pioneer of pleasure behind the popular female versions that dropped last year.
Matt McMullen, founder of Realbotix, is the man who created Harmony, an artificial intelligence app that syncs up with a robotic head system.
The application enables users to match an AI personality with a humanoid robot head, to create the most realistic sex doll imaginable. Harmony allowed the android companions to talk, learn and satisfy customer’s sexual desires.

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